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Versatile stimulant-free fat burner follows Viking Power’s natural anabolic Gleipnir

Viking Power Loki

MM Sports’ premium and reputable house brand, Viking Power, had an incredible year of releases, developments, and innovation in 2023, and here in 2024, it is not letting up; in fact, it is somehow picking up the pace. The winner of our International Brand Of The Year Award has filled the first few months of this year with five entirely new supplements, including some extremely specialty items like an appetite enhancer and, most recently, a turkesterone and laxogenin-based muscle builder.

While it was only yesterday that we posted about Viking Power’s all-new and versatile natural anabolic, Gleipnir, today we have details of another drop from the ever-expanding brand in Loki, appropriately named after the Norse god of mischief. Loki is what Viking Power describes as an “epic shapeshifting formula” or the more familiar category it falls under is weight loss. This is not a common type of supplement in Europe, but an area the brand has tackled nonetheless and reasonably well.

Viking Power’s fat burner Loki has a selection of vitamins and minerals, including the likes of vitamin B6, iodine, chromium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, but that is just the beginning of its facts panel. Alongside that lot is half a gram each of uva ursi, tyrosine, and the natural diuretic dandelion extract, 250mg of African mango, and 200mg of juniper berry. Rounding it all out is the premium and proven weight loss component InnoSlim at 250mg a serving, and this is said to be the first time a European brand has used the ingredient, plus AstraGin is in there, too, for better uptake, absorption, and efficacy.

As mentioned, weight loss supplements aren’t as common with sports nutrition brands in Europe, at least compared to major markets like the US and the UK. Viking Power has taken on the challenge regardless with Loki, and it has the versatile feature of being caffeine-free, so users can still have their pre-workout while using it. The cost of Loki straight from its parent company and sports nutrition store MM Sports is 479kr for a bottle of 30 servings, which can come down to as low as 406kr if you subscribe to it.