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Warrior makes a new Warrior Crunch flavor but it is only available for the Mini version

White Chocolate Blondie Warrior Crunch Mini

The Warrior Crunch Protein Bar Mini is indeed a miniature version of the UK sports nutrition company Warrior’s original hit protein snack, Warrior Crunch, that is essentially half the size, packing 10g of protein and around half the calories in a smaller selection of flavors. Another big feature of the compact spin-off of Warrior Supplements’ signature protein bar is that it carries an impressively compact price tag, being available in many convenient stores and conveniently placed retailers for only £1 a piece.

As mentioned, Warrior Supplements doesn’t have anywhere near the number of flavors available for the Warrior Crunch Protein Bar Mini, as it does the full-size variant, in three with White Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Salted Caramel. That menu has been bumped up this month to a total of four with a flavor that’s not actually from the original, like those other three, with White Chocolate Blondie, an exclusive of sorts for the miniature bar as it has not been produced for the 64g full-size.