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Alpha Lion squeezes together strawberry and watermelon for the month of May

Alpha Lion Berrymelon Breeze

It is that time again when Alpha Lion has revealed its limited edition flavors for the month of May in consistent continuation of its legendary long-running Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. April brought something quite special to market in Lion’s Juice for its two alternative fat burners, Superhuman Burn and Superhuman Burn Stim-Free. The interesting part about Lion’s Juice was that it’s a blend of two previously released flavors, meshing together Lion’s Blood red gummy bear and Hulk Juice’s sour gummy bear.

For May, Alpha Lion is getting back to the more traditional tastes, or at least traditional compared to the hybrid that was Lion’s Juice, with a simpler but still complex and intriguing flavor called Berrymelon Breeze. As you could probably guess by the name, Berrymelon Breeze is a fruity combination of strawberry and watermelon with a sherbet twist. The brand has produced its latest Pre-Workout Of The Month flavor for its stackable pre-workouts Superhuman Pre and Superhuman Pump, and they’re dropping next week on Monday, as always, directly through Alpha Lion’s website at