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Zombie Labs combines all four of its teased potential categories in Shredz Protein Water

Zombie Labs Shredz Protein Water

Earlier this week, the Australian supplement company and winner of last year’s Newcomer Of The Year, Zombie Labs, teased the coming of a new product and confirmed four categories that it could be a part of. Those categories were collagen, protein, hydration, or thermogenic, although, as it turns out, it is indeed a blend of all of those. The brand has officially unveiled the innovation, introducing Shredz Protein Water, a collagen-based, clear-style protein powder with added thermogenic and hydration ingredients.

Zombie Labs’ Shredz Protein Wars provides 22 grams of protein — dry basis, not “as is” like most proteins — in each of its double-scoop 30g servings alongside a light 2g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that is sugar, zero fat, and an even 100 calories. That protein, as mentioned, is powered by hair, skin, nail, and joint health-supporting marine-sourced Naticol and regular bovine collagen with 3g of the former and 20g of the latter. We can confirm the protein is from collagen and a blend of amino acids, which includes over a gram of glycine plus glutamine, BCAAs, and tryptophan, but it doesn’t contribute that much to the protein since there is 23g of collagen.

Zombie Labs Shredz Protein Water Label

Alongside the collagen and amino acids, Zombie Labs comes through on the other areas promoted for Shredz Protein Water, and that is various electrolytes to support hydration at a combined 348mg in that double serving. There is also acetyl-l-carnitine at a whole gram to improve metabolism and 50mcg of chromium to curb your appetite and cravings, both helping support the weight management side of the multi-benefit supplement.

Shredz Protein Water is an extremely interesting supplement, which is essentially a take on the fast-growing and consistently growing clear protein powder category, but with a functional aspect where you get collagen-powered protein, amino acids, electrolytes, and a bit of fat-burning support. The product is available through Zombie Labs’ online store at $79.95 (52.92 USD) for a tub of 25 full servings, and true to the clear category, it only comes in fruity flavors with Frightening Fruit Juice, Wicked Watermelon, and Sinister Strawberry.