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BEAM and Dole get together again for a couple of Dole Whip soft serve-like flavors

Beam Dole Whip Strawberry Pineapple

Premium brand BEAM has done authentic flavor collaborations, most recently with the legacy fresh produce company Dole, which is over one and a half centuries old, being founded all the way back in 1851. BEAM initially got together with Dole for an authentic Orange Peach Mango flavor of its superfood supplement Super Greens. News has come in this week of the lifestyle company once again partnering with Dole for two more flavor collaborations but for separate products to Super Greens.

Coming to market in just over one week, on Friday of next week, is BEAM’s authentic Dole Whip Strawberry Vegan Protein and Dole Whip Pineapple Pre-Workout. While these have been put together in partnership with Dole, similar to the Orange Peach Mango Super Greens, as you can tell by their names, they take a different approach. BEAM’s second Dole collaboration is specifically with Dole Whip, the company’s famous, smooth and creamy, dairy-free soft-serve dessert.

The idea of a more ice cream-style flavor for BEAM’s Vegan Protein does make sense, as the thick and flavorful format of protein powder is a good fit; however, the Dole Whip Pineapple Pre-Workout sounds a whole lot more interesting, as that doesn’t have that thick ice cream like consistency. Fans and followers of Beam can find out firsthand just what Dole Whip Strawberry Vegan Protein and Dole Whip Pineapple Pre-Workout taste like next week when they go live over at