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Details surface on two limited and Miami-themed flavors of Believe’s sequel pre-workout

Believe Supplements Miami Themed Pump Addict Max

Pump Addict Max is the latest iteration of Believe Supplements’ signature and balanced pre-workout product, featuring several changes compared to the previous version simply known as Pump Addict. The Canadian supplement company has lowered the caffeine this round to 350mg in a full serving, down from 400mg, although it has powered up the pump-enhancing and focus-fueling sides of the experience, increasing the dosages of some ingredients as well as adding new components to the combination.

It was already confirmed that Believe Supplements’ upcoming Pump Addict Max would include quite a few flavors, although there are actually even more than we thought. Five were named a couple of days ago in Sour Candy Blast, Watermelon, White Slushie, Tropical Orange, and Pink Lemonade. Details have emerged of two more tastes for the sequel pre-workout, but these two are labeled as limited editions and have an alternative label design to match Miami Vibe and the more nightlife-inspired Miami Vice.

That means there is actually a total of seven different flavors for Pump Addict Max for fans of Believe Supplements to choose from, all with that pump and focus-elevated formula, but again, the Miami-themed Miami Vibe and Miami Vice, are only temporary and won’t be around consistently like the others.