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Magnum formulates a well-dosed and much more loaded Limitless pre-workout

Magnum Limitless X16 Pre Workout

Magnum in Canada has been making moves lately, coming out with some intriguing and quality extensions to its selection with the superfood supplement Nektr and the functional innovation Ara, a protein powder specifically designed to be thrown into your hot coffee. This week the long-running and widely available brand is back in the headlines with another completely new product, although unlike Nektr and Ara, this is for a mainstream category in the pre-workout Limitless X16.

Limitless X16 from Magnum is a high-powered, modern entry into the pre-workout space and is easily one of the most loaded competitors we’ve seen from the brand for the intensely saturated category. There has been a Limitless-named pre-workout from Magnum in the past, although this one is leagues above that, packing some genuinely impressive highlights to support all of the core pre-workout benefits in energy, focus, pumps, performance, and even a bit of weight management.

Magnum’s Limitless X16 is officially launching tomorrow, and it’ll be showing up in all sorts of sports nutrition stores with the help of the premier supplement distributor, SportLife Distribution. Some of the stockists include the major online player Muscle and Strength and Nutrition Faktory, home to the largest brick-and-mortar sports nutrition store in the world, covering a huge 8,000 square feet.

Magnum Limitless X16 Pre Workout Label

Inside the latest pre-workout from Magnum is a host of highlights, the biggest of them all being a hefty 10g of straight citrulline, not citrulline malate, alongside an equally robust 4g of betaine anhydrous and 250mg of the increasingly popular EndoFlo blend to enhance muscle pumps. The ever-present beta-alanine is in the mix, too, at 3.2g, a respectable 2g dose of the common fat-burning ingredient carnitine tartrate, a gram of another carnitine for in acetyl-l-carnitine, and 300mg of n-acetyl-cysteine.

Magnum has squeezed several other ingredients into Limitless X16 for the sensory side of its all-new supplement, ensuring that well-supported pumps and performance are paired with equally strong and noticeable mental focus and energy. Taking care of that portion of the product is huperzine a, tyrosine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, the premium caffeine-free stimulant and caffeine amplifier TeaCrine, 150mg of NeuroRush, which is 2% caffeine and combines with caffeine anhydrous and green coffee for 300mg of caffeine a serving.