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Black Magic and Condemned do not disappoint in the formula of their pre-workout collab

Black Magic X Condemned Labs Pre Workout

Hardcore supplement companies Black Magic and Condemned Labz came out last week and announced they are putting together a pre-workout and even went as far as saying it would be the best pre-workout imaginable. That is most intriguing as it’s a statement coming from two brands that have strong reputations in the highly competitive category, with Black Magic offering BZRK and its premium BZRK Overdrive, and Condemned Labz, long-known for its hard-hitting Convict.

The name of Black Magic and Condemned Labz’ pre-workout collaborations has not been revealed, but it has shared the formula behind the supplement, and as expected, true to their word, they are not playing around. The sports nutrition brands have genuinely brought together their extensive experience in the industry and crafted a product that is going to hit in all of the right areas, supporting enhanced muscle pumps, improved performance, increased energy, and elevated mental focus.

The list of components squeezed into the Black Magic and Condemned Labz pre-workout pushes the serving size up near the 30g mark, with hefty pump hitters like 8g of straight citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, 1.5g of the premium pump-powered Nitrosigine, a double dose of VasoDrive at 508mg, and a gram of agmatine. Beta-alanine is in there, as per usual, to support performance and endurance at its signature 3.2g plus 2g of taurine and pink Himalayan salt as a source of electrolytes.

Black Magic X Condemned Labz Pre Workout Label

Everything else in the pre-workout from Black Magic and Condemned Labz is for the sensory side of the experience, which is an area both brands are known to nail whenever a supplement of their own calls for it. Filling out that side for the collaboration is 3g of tyrosine, 300mg of mucuna pruriens, a full 600mg of the reliable focus agent alpha-GPC, 200mg of theobromine, a combined caffeine count of around 350mg, and to drive home the punch, 1.5mg of the ever-potent alpha yohimbine.

Black Magic and Condemned Labz pre-workout collaboration should have no trouble following through on their promise of the best entry into the category imaginable, as from the perspective of both brands, this is a step up on BZRK and Convict, and even up from BZRK Overdrive, which has a fair bit in common with this. The brands have gone with a kitchen sink number of ingredients alongside solid dosages, with the availability of the supplement expected to be right around the corner.