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Protein cookie specialist EQ Food is adding two mouthwatering protein cookie flavors in June

Eq Food Double Choc And Choc Mint Cookies

The better-for-you cookie company, EQ Food in Australia, is all about protein and quality nutrition, and rightfully so, it doesn’t communicate this all in a single product. Alongside its protein bar and protein chips, the brand has the Lean EQ Protein Cookie, The Growth Protein Cookie, and the mass gainer like XL Protein Cookie. The thing that separates them all is their nutrition profiles, with each of them packing plenty of protein but different levels of carbohydrates, Lean being the lightest and XL the highest.

All three of EQ Food’s protein-packed and nutritionally dense cookies — at least the Growth and XL Protein Cookies — are about to get two new mouthwatering flavors, both continuing the macros of each particular product with two complex taste creations. They are rather classic flavors with Chocolate Mint, blending rich chocolate and refreshing mint, and Double Chocolate, with a decadent and smooth blend of milk and white chocolate, and they are both coming to market within the next few weeks somewhere in June.

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