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HealthFarm recreates Rose Milk for its blend-style whey-based protein powder

Healthfarm Rose Milk Muscle Whey

When you go international, the popularity of sports nutrition categories doesn’t tend to get too different, with the likes of protein powder, pre-workout, amino, muscle building, and more still leading the way in countries around the globe. The areas that do differ quite a bit are the ingredients, mostly due to rules and regulations, as well as flavors, and we have another example of that diversity in taste with HealthFarm Nutrition’s latest innovation, which is an extension of its star protein powder, Muscle Whey.

HealthFarm Nutrition has transformed a traditional, summery Indian beverage, in Rose Milk, into a flavor of Muscle Whey protein powder. Rose Milk is the unique combination of cold milk, and rose syrup, a mixture of sugar, water, and the essence of rose. The popular Indian retailer and brand HealthFarm looks to communicate all of those tastes in their Rose Milk Muscle Whey but with protein powder macros in 26g of protein from two types of whey, 4g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and 130 calories.

As mentioned, flavors tend to get quite different in the world of supplements when you go international, and HealthFarm Nutritoin’s Rose Milk Muscle Whey is a great example of that. It’s still a fitting flavor for the Indian brand’s fans, again, it’s a familiar beverage in that part of the world, and straight from it’ll cost you ₹3,199 (38.29 USD) for a sizeable 2kg jug of 57 servings.