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Infinis leaves no stone unturned in Nootropic, including the likes of Cognizin, enXtra and Enfinity

Infinis Nutrition Nootropic

In the lead up to next week, when Infinis Nutrition is going to be dropping not one but two entirely new supplements in Ultra Pump and Nootropic, this weekend, we have the formula to share for the latter, the focus-fueling product of the two. Infinis has become known for its powerhouse formulations, putting more ingredients than almost anyone else into each of the products it puts out, from its original Ultra Pre-Workout to its more recent performance-powering Hydration; it has been truly impressive.

Infinis Nutrition has passed on the facts panel for Nootropic, as you can see below, and as expected, it isn’t short on much. Interestingly, this isn’t your typical nootropic, as it doesn’t have any caffeine and is not entirely energyless; it relies on Enfinity paraxanthine. That is the increasingly popular caffeine alternative that promises all of the benefits of the classic stimulant without the intense kick, crash, and tolerance build-up, and is an experience we’ve always felt is well-suited for outside of the gym nootropics and energy drinks.

Like the many other brands utilizing Enfinity paraxanthine, Infinis Nutrition has packed 300mg of the ingredient into every serving of its upcoming Nootropic, and everything else there’s in there is purely for focus, and there is a lot. A signature feature of Infinis has been its loaded list of premium branded ingredients, and that continues here with RhodioPrime, Sabroxy, NeuroRush, half a gram of GeniusPure alpha-GPC, 300mg of enXtra, and a double 500mg dose of the widely used and reliable cognition enhancer Cognizin.

Infinis Nutrition Nootropic Label

The non-premium or standard ingredient side of Infinis Nutrition’s Nootropic is equally as stacked with a hefty 3g of tyrosine, a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, B vitamins, huperzine, saffron, uridine, and 300mg of bacopa, bringing the total number of components to 18 for a combined 6.9g of active ingredients.

Infinis Nutrition has shown time and time again that it is not playing around when it comes to what goes into its sports nutrition supplements, and Nootropic clearly keeps that reputation strong. The combination doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to supporting mental performance, driving focus and clarity for a zoned-in nootropic experience, mood and motivation for drive, as well as alertness and cognition. Altogether it makes Infinis Nootropic ideal for any situation you want to zone in on what’s important whether that be gaming, study, work, a meeting, day-to-day, and even an intense workout.

Nootropic is hitting the market this coming week through Infinis Nutrition’s online store, and as mentioned, it won’t be alone, launching alongside another completely new and advanced supplement from the high-powered, fast-growing newcomer in Ultra Pump. That product will have its formula revealed in the coming days, and both are due to hit within a week from now.