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Pump pre-workout is the next target for the incredibly impressive newcomer Infinis Nutrition

Infinis Nutrition Previews Ultra Pump

Infinis Nutrition has been on a tear these past few weeks, revealing and releasing five completely new supplements in about four weeks, and none of them were straightforward, all featuring the brand’s signature kitchen sink approach with extremely stacked formulas. The most recent rollouts from Infinis were its muscle-building pair of Test Booster and Muscle Builder, and before that, we got Calm, Brain, and the performance-powerhouse Hydration.

Over the last week and a bit, Infinis Nutrition has been somewhat silent, at least compared to its flurry of product drops from the month prior, but it’s not done, seemingly far from it, as it is back this week previewing another all-new advanced supplement. Following on from those five mentioned is going to be the brand’s second entry in the pre-workout category, separate from its original Ultra Pre-Workout in the pump-focused competitor Ultra Pump.

Infinis Nutrition’s Ultra Pump is going to be an all-out pump-enhancing powerhouse, and while pumps are the main focus of this one, it is said to have other ingredients in there to support energy and focus, making it still rather comprehensive when taken by itself. The facts panel for this one is due to be shared shortly followed by a complete launch, although after seeing everything else the brand has done, you know it won’t be short on ingredients or dosages.

Infinis Nutrition has been incredibly impressive in the first half of the year, expanding on its first two supplements — Ultra Greens and Ultra Pre-Workout — with some equally impressive competitors in other major sports nutrition categories. Ultra Pump is almost guaranteed to continue that approach, and we expect it to be one of the most stacked pump pre-workouts we’ve seen in a while.