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Infinis does what it does best in its stimulant-free Ultra Pump featuring 4g of NO3-T nitrates

Infinis Nutrition Ultra Pump

One of the first supplements Infinis Nutrition came out with was Ultra Pre-Workout, and that genuinely set the tone for the newcomer, as it showed just how in-depth and advanced it is planning to go in its sports nutrition products. The brand packed the supplement with a wide array of ingredients, many of those premium components, again setting the tone of expectation, and now it is returning to that original category it made such a strong statement with Ultra Pump.

Ultra Pump is Infinis Nutrition’s second premium pre-workout, although this time around, as per the name, it focuses primarily on improving and enhancing muscle pumps, with a few other ingredients in there for complementing benefits like focus and hydration.

Loaded formula

The hydration side of Infinis Nutrition’s Ultra Pump is taken care of by way of half a gram of pink Himalayan salt, and then to enhance focus and cognition there is huperzine a, 3g of tyrosine, 300mg of GeniusPure alpha-GPC, and a double dose of the hugely popular and reliably effective, Cognizin citicoline. While better pumps is the primary goal of the supplement, the brand has clearly put plenty in for a tunnel-vision experience, which makes for a more complete and enjoyable workout when used alone.

Infinis Nutrition Ultra Pump Label

Moving on to the star of the show in Ultra Pump, Infinis Nutrition has selected a specific set of ingredients and dosed them like only it knows how. Squeezed into every serving of the stimulant-free supplement is a huge 10g of straight citrulline, 1,016mg of VasoDrive-AP — four times the common 254mg — and a rarely seen 4g of combined nitrates. Typically, sports nutrition brands stick to 2 to 3g of NO3-T nitrates per serving; however, some have crept their way into the 4 to 5g range, and that is what Infinis has done, giving you 2g each of NO3-T arginine nitrate and NO3-T betaine nitrate.


Infinis Nutrition has yet to disappoint in any of the formulas driving its various supplements, and unsurprisingly, number nine in its lineup, Ultra Pump, continues that trend and reliability. It has more than enough to ensure a powerhouse pump effect, especially with the 4g of NO3-T nitrates. The stackability of this one with Ultra Pre-Workout is an interesting one, as while it is stimulant-free, it has a lot of crossovers, including combined dosages of 18g of citrulline, 750mg of premium Cognizin, a huge amount of alpha-GPC, and 5g of tyrosine.

Where to buy

Infinis Nutrition’s Ultra Pump is due to launch this coming week, hitting the market alongside its dedicated, Enfinity-fueled nootropic also named Nootropic. It’ll be going live at, where all of the growing newcomer’s supplements tend to land in the area of 50 to $60, and that is no different for Ultra Pump, sitting at $59.99 for a bottle of 20 servings, an identical price to the stimulant-backed Ultra Pre-Workout.