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I Am F*cked Up Energy Drink gets a new flavor just for summer and it has a lot less caffeine

Juicy Orange I Am Fcked Up Energy Drink

The I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink is an extension of Swedish Supplements’ iconic stimulant-powered pre-workout I Am Fucked Up, known for its hard-hitting experience, as well as its unforgettable branding featuring a distraught clown on the front of its bottle. The beverage doesn’t have all of the same ingredients and dosages, it is simplified and more in line with your typical energy drink, with a blend of B vitamins, carnitine, yerba mate, ginseng, and green tea, all providing a total of 200mg of caffeine per can.

Swedish Supplements has been doing a great job at gradually expanding the menu of its I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink, currently sitting at four after debuting with two in Cloudy Apple, Raspberry, Watermelon, and the presumably Red Bull-like “Energy Drink“. There is now a new flavor rolling out into the Swedish marketplace for the beverage, although it is the brand’s first Summer Edition for the product, so it’s not permanent. The flavor is Juicy Orange, offering a familiar citrusy experience, and not only is it a limited-time item, it has less caffeine, almost half the others at 105mg, with everything else still in the mix.