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Naughty Boy’s relentless run continues with the unveiling of its first-ever protein bar

Naughty Boy Esco Bar

Naughty Boy is already having one hell of a year; it was recently confirmed that it is well on its way to its goal of releasing at least 100 SKUs in the 12 months of 2024. It has a total of 60 or more already under its belt in five months and it does not plan on stopping or slowing down, not in the slightest. As proof of that unstoppable effort and consistency, Naughty Boy has announced another product it has coming up shortly, and it is a big one, as it is a first in a category and format for the lifestyle brand.

Naughty Boy has both confirmed and unveiled its upcoming protein bar, called ESCO, which, read alone may not sound like much, but with its format attached, you get the ESCO Bar. We have seen the creative UK-based supplement company do something like this before for its nootropic WiseGuy and its three gangster-inspired flavors, Cutty Soda, Teflon Tea, and Candy Capone. The first-ever edible item from Naughty Boy is not going to disappoint on macros packing 20g of protein with a lean 200 calories.

The nutrition profile in the ESCO Bar is as clean and typical as you can get in the busy protein bar category, but as many will know, it’s going to come down to taste. European companies tend to have a much wider variety of protein snacks and foods, and just better overall flavor and texture, so we don’t see this one disappointing. Just one flavor has been confirmed so far for the Naughty Boy protein bar in White Chocolate Caramel Biscuit, blending sweet white chocolate and the popular Speculoos biscuit.

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