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Nutra Innovations’ Deity is still as hard-hitting as ever in its revamped return

Nutra Innovations 2024 Deity

Deity is a pre-workout Nutra Innovations has had on the market previously, where you get a strong combination of energy and focus ingredients, separate from the brand’s other reputable competitors on the market in Epitome and Epitome Hardcore. Deity is making a return at the beginning of next month with a refreshed formula featuring some similarities, but most importantly, it is still very much centered around those hard-hitting effects of increased and enhanced energy and focus.

We’ve got the facts panel below for the revamped Deity pre-workout from Nutra Innovations, and while it does have components that support all of the core pre-workout effects, there are very few for pumps and performance, as the majority of it all is for energy focus. There is 6g of citrulline and 1.5g of agmatine to power better muscle pumps, and beta-alanine at its usual 3.2g for performance and endurance, and everything else is there for a high-powered, high-intensity level of stimulation.

Nutra Innovations 2024 Deity Label

Taking care of the energy and focus in Nutra Innovations Deity is a lengthy list of highlights, starting with half a gram of PEA, 800mg of DMAE, 300mg of eria jarensis, and 200mcg of huperzine a. There is also 1.5mg of the always hard-hitting alpha yohimbine, and a truly heavy dose of caffeine combining for just shy of half a gram a serving. There are three sources of energizing caffeine in this version of Deity with 350mg of anhydrous, 100mg of ZumXR, and 100mg of caffeine citrate, totaling around 472mg.

Nutra Innovations has done plenty to power up Deity for its 2024 return and to take on the increasingly competitive pre-workout category. The high level of caffeine, as well as alpha yohimbine, eria jarensis, and all the other bits and pieces, will undoubtedly deliver noticeable energy and focus, keeping the Deity name and reputation strong. Once again, the brand is officially launching or relaunching the supplement on the first day of next month in tubs of 20 Sour gummy-flavored servings.