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Simplicity comes to Nutra Innovations by way of an unflavored standalone creatine

Nutra Innovations Creatine

Nutra Innovations is not known for basic, standalone supplements unless you count Premium Whey Protein, a protein powder that relies on a blend of whey sources to provide a protein-packed nutrition profile. The brand’s selection of products is mostly made up of complex and advanced offerings, like the muscle builders Mass Construction and Natty Bol, but here in the last week of the year, fans have been introduced to something on that simpler side of supplements by way of Nutra Innovations Creatine.

Nutra Innovations Creatine is indeed a straightforward, standalone creatine product, giving you 60 servings of unflavored creatine monohydrate at its effective dose of 5g a serving to support and improve strength, power, and performance. The latest from the brand is one of the most common single-ingredient supplements in the sports nutrition category, and you can get it now directly through Nutra Innovations’ online store at $24.99 with free shipping available on orders that total more than $75.