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Perfect Sports opens a distribution facility in the US as it prepares to take on the major

Perfect Sports Coming To America

Canada is included in the North American market, however, if you visit a supplement store in that country, the selection of products is vastly different than here in the US. The rules and regulations involved in being able to sell a supplement on shelves are a huge influence on that, and just as importantly, there are several strong Canadian competitors you may not have come across. One of those well-established brands is Perfect Sports, which is about to have an impact on the much faster-paced American market.

The long-running sports nutrition company known for various products, mostly its premium New Zealand whey-based protein powder Diesel, has pieced together an official US distribution facility to spread its selection of supplements across the country. Perfect Sports hasn’t outlined exactly what items or flavors it is bringing to the competitive area of the world, or if anything will be different in what it has to offer America, but a distribution hub is big news, and there are more announcements lined up for the rest of May.