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Ekkovision quickly confirms its first energy drink extension just weeks after its launch

Pineapple Gummy Ekkovision Energy Drink

Ekkovision is making similar moves to the hugely successful Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, as quickly following the official release of the Ekkovision Energy Drink, earlier this month, the fast-growing and still relatively new company is already preparing to add another flavor to its menu. Gorilla Mind famously exploded its selection of flavors, going from its original four that debuted in the middle of April last year to what is now 16 different tastes, the most recent being Orange Ice Dream.

The Ekkovision Energy Drink similarly launched in four different tastes, all created in partnership with one of the sports nutrition brand’s athletes or ambassadors in Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, and a classic BlueRazz Berry. Already confirmed and on the way from the ever-expanding brand something a bit sweeter and more candy like in Pineapple Gummy, graphically represented by pineapple-flavored gummy bears, which sounds like a damn good time.

We’ve yet to try the Ekkovision Energy Drink to see how it stands up against the immense competition like Ghost Energy, Monster Ultra, and even Gorilla Mind Energy, but the feedback seems to be solid, even with the sports nutrition approach to the formula. Every can of the Ekkovision product, which is exclusive to TikTok shop, comes with a gram each of taurine and coconut water, 200mg of alpha-GPC and half a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, and a moderate 200mg of natural caffeine.

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