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Project #1 Nutrition gets together with Ana Capozzoli for a plant-based protein powder

Project 1 Nutrition Vegan Protein

Project #1 Nutrition recently showed a lighter and brighter side to its brand by getting together with none other than Martha Stewart and creating a special edition line of supplements specifically around her with Marine Collagen, Wellness Greens, and Wellness Reds. It is very much a health and wellness-focused selection, not sports nutrition like most of its other products, and this week we’ve got news it is partnering with someone else for a supplement collaboration in the coach and influencer Ana Capozzoli.

Project #1 Nutrition has revealed that it has partnered with Ana Capozzoli, who has a massive social media following, including over 600,000 on Instagram, to create a plant-based protein powder, simply named Vegan Protein. The brand does compete in the saturated protein powder category, although not in the popular subcategory of vegan-friendly alternatives, which its Ana Capozzoli collaboration is going to do and provide 20g of plant-powered protein per serving, alongside low fat and carbohydrates.

We’re not sure about the sources of protein yet, but Project #1 Nutrition hasn’t disappointed so far, coming through with reliable ingredients and reasonable formulas in all of its other efforts, and we don’t see that changing on this one. More details on the upcoming supplement will be along soon including a deeper look at the precise nutrition profile and complete set of ingredients in Vegan Protein, and when it does launch, it’ll have two naturally-sweetened flavors to choose from in Mocha and Salted Caramel.