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ProPud recreates a strawberry sundae but with no added sugar and 16g of protein

Propud Strawberry Sundae

The functional innovators at ProPud have cooked up another undoubtedly delicious protein snack, similar to its signature Protein Pudding, but by the sounds of things, this is quite different. The product is named ProPud Strawberry Sundae, and it’s not a flavor of the Protein Pudding or any other item under the brand’s banner. It’s similarly standalone as the 2023-released Chocolate Mousse, which sounds like a flavor but is indeed a separate protein treat inspired by classic chocolate mousse.

The all-new ProPud Strawberry Sundae is its own product experience, based on a traditional ice cream sundae in a sweet and on-point strawberry flavor. The brand itself describes the functional innovation as a light and fluffy vanilla pudding with a strawberry sauce or, more specifically, strawberry compote with real berries, layered across the bottom. All mixed together or taken spoonful by spoonful, this sounds like it’ll feel like a vanilla and strawberry ice cream sundae but with a better set of macros.

ProPud Strawberry Sundae promises a respectable 16g of protein per pot, no added sugar, and very reasonable numbers everywhere else, presumably around the same area as the brand’s various flavors of pudding and mousse, which are far leaner than your average protein bar. Being big fans of ProPud’s Protein Pudding, we know this thing is going to be another mouthwatering protein treat as well as another example of the impressive level of functional innovation and competition in Sweden.

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