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ProPud makes an extra-fluffy mousse dessert packing 20g of protein and impressive calories

Propud Protein Mousse

Functional food specialist ProPud’s signature product is mentioned right in its name, which is a sweet, smooth, and delicious protein-packed pudding. It comes in compact and double-sized pots, providing 20g of protein and 50g, respectively, and relatively lean nutrition elsewhere. The brand has pumped out several flavors for the convenient protein snack over the years, although its latest effort is not just another pudding.

ProPud in Sweden has introduced ProPud Chocolate Mousse, and as much as it may seem, this isn’t another taste of that original pudding; it is a separate product entirely. The brand describes its mousse-style dessert as an extra fluffy protein snack, sounding even lighter, softer, and more enjoyable than the ProPud pudding. Despite that seemingly better taste and texture, the macros are not too different in the fluffy functional treat.

ProPud Chocolate Mousse has that same 20g of protein per pot, around 2.7g of fat, 8.8g of carbohydrates, 8.2g of that sugar, none of that added sugar, and an impressively lean 141 calories. The product’s nutrition profile is impressive, to say the least; being closer to a protein powder than a protein bar and knowing how good its protein pudding is, ProPud Chocolate Mousse will be something worth grabbing when out and about.

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