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Skinny Food’s house brand Suprfuel adds a couple of sports-style supplements

Suprfuel Supr Dessert

Suprfuel is one of the newer house brands from the retailer and functional food innovator The Skinny Food Co, in the UK, which started its journey in the world of health and nutrition with a superfood supplement and its even previewed and intriguing high-protein soup. It is a rather interesting brand that appears to walk between the lines of lifestyle and sports nutrition, as hitting the market this week alongside its original Supr Greens are two sports-type items in Supr Dessert and Creatine.

Creatine from Suprfuel is as straightforward as it sounds, in a standalone creatine monohydrate product, designed to support the usual creatine benefits of muscle strength, performance, and power, with about 62 servings per tub at the usual 5g a serving in your choice of Blue Razz and Strawbery Slush flavors.

As for The Skinny Food Co and Suprfuel’s Supr Dessert, that is a little more complex, at least in terms of preparation, not so much the ingredients. This one is basically a protein powder that has been designed and directs users to make it exclusively as the classic protein sludge. It is a milk and whey concentrate-based formula that you blend with just 5oz of water and mix until it has a sludgy pudding texture, then eat and enjoy like a dessert but with 23g of protein, 2.5g each of carbohydrates and fat, and 130 calories.

Both Suprfuel’s Creatine and Supr Dessert are in stock and available for purchase directly from The Skinny Food Co’s giant online store, where the standalone flavored Creatine will cost you £20.83. As for the protein-packed and impressively lean Supr Dessert, which sits at £15.62, and also has two flavors to choose from in a traditional rich pudding taste of Chocolate and something a bit sweeter in Strawberry.