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Kris Gethin’s Unmatched takes a unique approach to hydration by infusing some weight loss

Unmatched Supplements Shares First Look At Electra Shred

Kris Gethin’s new brand Unmatched Supplements continues to reveal the products in its debut, with the past few weeks bringing details on the Enfinity-fueled pre-workout BH2K — Be Harder To Kill — and the stackable, stimulant-free competitor in the same category, Dissident. Today we have a preview of what is its third overall supplement, and similar to BH2K and Dissident, it is for another popular area of the sports nutrition industry, one that has seemingly taken the title of go-to for the intra-workout window.

Electra Shred is the next product announcement from Kris Gethin and Unmatched Supplements, and you can probably figure out the benefits it’s tackling from its name. Electra Shred is indeed a blend of advanced hydration and weight management support, a hybrid approach that is backed by reliable and quality premium ingredients, as seen in those other two. It is essentially a fat burner with hydration components, but that doesn’t include any stimulants, making it nice and versatile for use most times of the day.

Unmatched Supplements has been previewing product after product for the last few weeks, all building towards its inevitable debut, which we have to imagine is happening sooner rather than later. We will likely see the formula behind Electra Shred in the near future, before the big drop, and this may indeed be the last reveal, as the brand’s first teaser was of three items. You can sign up to be notified as soon as the brand and everything goes live, and follow right here, at Stack3d, as we’ll be sharing all of the action as it happens.