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Unmatched still manages to touch on all the core pre-workout effects in its stimulant-free Dissident

Unmatched Supplements Dissident

Kris Gethin and Doug Miller’s upcoming brand, Unmatched Supplements, has shared the formula behind Dissident, the stimulant-free pre-workout it gave everyone a first look at a couple of days ago. This will be stackable with BH2K — Be Harder To Kill — the brand’s stimulant-backed pre-workout or you can take it by itself for a workout without overly intense energy. Interestingly, while Dissident doesn’t have any stimulants like caffeine, it does have an energizing ingredient.

Unmatched Supplements Dissident is one of the rare stimulantless pre-workouts that covers all of the areas of a premier pre-workout in energy, focus, pumps, and performance, with the energy being the intriguing factor. Kris Gethin’s fresh new brand has included premium Zynamite in the product at 250mg and is widely promoted for its ability to enhance mental and physical energy, the former more so than the latter, but it is known to boost energy and performance without caffeine.

Supporting the other sensory benefit in Unmatched Supplements Dissident, the increased mental focus and cognition is a much wider range of components, and something Zynamite does play a role in as well, as mentioned, it helps in both areas, mental and physical energy. Alongside that is huperzine a at 200mcg in a maximum 21g serving and the increasingly popular — and rightfully so — Cognizin citicoline at its complete and effective amount of 250mg.

Unmatched Supplements Dissident Label

Rounding out the experience in Unmatched Supplements Dissident are all of the much heftier pump and performance ingredients, and it does have plenty of that, including the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine plus another high-powered feature in the proven PeakATP at 400mg. Finally, to enhance muscle pumps, Kris Gethin and the team have not let you down, packing 250mg of pine bark, a sizeable 8g of straight citrulline, and the reliably effective NO3-T arginine nitrate at 2.5g.

All in all, Kris Gethin and Unmatched Supplements have pieced together quite the pre-workout in Dissident, considering its stimulant-free status, and again, it can be used standalone for caffeine-free energy, focus and plenty of pumps and performance, or in combination with BH2K. There is some crossover between BH2K and Dissident, but not at any concerning amount, with the Cognizin and citrulline in 3D Pump, but that’ll only further maximize the pumps and focus.