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Sydney Cumming took inspiration from the Bahama Mama cocktail for Summertime Punch

What Does Ghost Summertime Punch Taste Like

This weekend, Ghost and Syndey Cummings are launching their rather large collaboration with an entire series of supplements, all in a completely new, refreshing, and tropical-themed flavor called Summertime Punch. The original lifestyle brand has crafted that flavor in partnership with Sydney for the pre-workout Ghost Legend, Ghost Glow, and Ghost Greens, all featuring tweaks compared to regular flavors, and we can’t forget, it’s also coming in Ghost’s first-ever clear protein powder.

If you’re like us and wondering what exactly Ghost and Sydney Cummings’ Summertime Punch flavor tastes like, especially since it’s the same flavor for all four of the supplements, we have an answer so you know what you’re getting in for this Mother’s Day. Sydney wanted something with a summer vibe and tropical beach drink feel, so she took inspiration from the classic cocktail Bahama Mama, looking to deliver a refreshing blend of orange and pineapple plus a hint of coconut.

Once again, Ghost and Sydney Cummings are officially launching their special edition selection of supplements this coming Sunday, on Mother’s Day, over at All of the Summertime Punch products, minus Ghost Glow, are going live through the brand’s three segmented online stores, including here in the US, the UK and Europe, and down under in Australia.