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Applied and Millions pump out another authentic flavor in a Blackcurrant Beef-XP

Applied Nutrition X Millions Blackcurrant Beef Xp

A few months ago, a little before the Arnold Sports Festival took place in the UK, the powerhouse supplement company Applied Nutrition expanded its Millions partnership, where it has teamed up with the iconic candy to create a selection of authentic flavors. The first product that came from the two was a Millions Raspberry flavor of the brand’s widely available sports drink Bodyfuel; then, back in January, the collaborative experience was brought over to the category of protein powder in a Millions Cola Beef-XP.

The newest flavor innovation from Applied Nutrition, in partnership with the classic Millions candy, is Millions Blackcurrant, and again, it is for the brand’s protein powder Beef-XP, which is a beef-based supplement, not the typical whey-powered competitor. The nutrition profile of the candy-inspired experience is as lean as the others in 28g of protein per serving, all from beef protein isolate, a low 660mg of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, half a gram of fat, and a strong calorie count of 114.

You can get Applied Nutrition and Millions’ authentic Millions Blackcurrant Beef-XP comes in a traditional bulk 1.8kg or close to 4lb jug of 60 servings, and a trial-sized five-serving bottle, which is plenty for fans to give the flavor collaboration a shot to see if it is to their liking.