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There are potentially only 8 of the rarest Prime X map piece on the market

How To Get All Prime X Map Pieces

We are already a week into Prime’s giant treasure hunt, where fans are tasked to collect wrappers from bottles of the special edition and Strawberry Lemonade flavored Prime Hydration Drink. If you can track down 12 different wrappers, individually numbered 1 through to 12, you will win the giant cash prize of $1,000,000 unless multiple people collect the set, then it’s divided. There are already reports of individuals having collected 11 of the 12, which is impressive, but there is a reason for that.

Of the 12 numbered map pieces, 11 of them are what Prime calls common, and the other one is considered rare. The odds of obtaining one of the common 11 is very simply 1:11; however, the rare one is said to be 1:3,762,535. Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage giant has revealed how many bottles featuring each Prime X map piece has been produced, where in the US, there are 1,909,101 of each of the 11 common maps; in the UK, there are 545,460; in Canada 190,915; and Australia has 90,912.

Interestingly, if you calculate all of those numbers and divide it by the odds of finding the one rare map piece wrapping a bottle of Prime X — 1:3,762,535 based on all four countries the promotion is happening — you basically get the number eight. That calculation is far too coincidental for us not to think that there are indeed only that many rare maps on the market, meaning of the 30.1 million or so Prime X bottles on shelves in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, eight can complete the treasure hunt.