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Prime’s million-dollar treasure hunt goes live in the US, Canada, UK and Australia

How To Win With Prime X

There have been plenty of questions about how exactly the Prime X mission works, ever since news broke on the all-new flavor of the hugely popular Prime Hydration Drink and its massive treasure hunt, involving a $1,000,000 cash prize. There are four different designs on Prime X — pink, blue and holographics of each — all of them featuring a Strawberry Lemonade flavor on the inside, but also on each of those labels are special map pieces that fans need to collect to hunt down the grand prize.

Where are Prime X map pieces

The map piece in each bottle of the brightly colored Prime X is under the label, on the inside. You can peel off the wrapper to see it alongside a number, one to 12, as there are 12 different pieces of the map you need to collect to complete a full map and be in the running for that giant million-dollar cash prize. That isn’t the only thing you need to see and hold on to from your Prime X, you also need to take the cap, as that has a 12-digit code to be entered online to register each of your pieces.

Prime X Map Pieces

Build your virtual map online

To register your collection of Prime X map pieces, you need to visit, sign up for an account with your name, email, and password, and again, enter that 12-digit code underneath the bottle caps. It is extremely important you hold on to both the wrapper with the numbered map piece on it as well as the caps themselves, as if you do indeed end up collecting all 12, Prime is going to be verifying entries with those things, suggesting you’ll probably need to send them into the company.

Who can win the $1,000,000

There are indeed 12 different map pieces, numbered one to 12, and to complete your collection, you need all 12; none of them can be the same to complete the treasure map. Whoever has a complete Prime X collection by the end will win the prize, and you do have a good amount of time, about four to six weeks. Interestingly, there can be multiple winners, if for example, four people have all 12 pieces from the eligible markets of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, the prize will be split four ways.