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Legion brings RhodioLife and BlueBorreal on board for its improved vitality supplement

Legion Vitality Sequel

The popular mainstream brand Legion is no stranger to reworking and revamping some of its more popular health and nutrition supplements; in fact, in the last half a year, we saw it rework its capsule pre-workout and weight loss hybrid Forge as well as its nighttime product, Lunar. This week, another supplement carrying the Legion banner has received a makeover in the specialized vitality formula aptly named Vitality for energy, mood, and cognition.

The goal of Vitality has remained the same for the latest Legion reformulation, with a few switching around of the ingredients. The brand has completely dropped DHEA from the supplement, although in place of that are two new additions to the formula in coQ10 at 100mg and 10mg of ergothioneine for cellular health, cognition, and reduced oxidative stress. Legion has carried over bilberry extract and rhodiola from the original, but as superior premium versions in 300mg of Rhodiolife rhodiola and the BlueBorreal Canadian blueberry blend at 500mg.

Despite the few changes to the vitality supplement, again simply named Vitality, Legion has managed to keep the price exactly the same at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings. If you’ve never shopped with the brand before, there are always ways to save, including by way of a subscription that’ll get you 10% discount. There are also bulk savings to be had where you save 10% on a bundle of three, a large pack of four scores you 15%, and five or more saves you 20%.