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Better-for-you sauce specialist Mrs. Taste stays out of its comfort zone and drops a protein spread

Mrs Taste Protein Spread

The functional brand Mrs. Taste, mostly known for its low-calorie, better-for-you sauces, stepped outside of its signature space recently and into protein bars with the Taste Cookie Bar. The protein snack has a reasonably sized doughy main body with a flavorful gooey filling running down the center, and an equally delicious solid covering. The creative company has just brought something else to market that is, once again, separate from Mrs. Taste’s signature sauces, high in protein, and looks delicious.

Mrs. Taste has ventured into the world of high-protein spreads, which is not an area of the functional food industry many brands create something for unless you’re over in the UK and Europe, where it’s something almost everyone has in their catalog. The Brazilian company has done spreads before by way of Mrs. Tella and Mrs. Leche, lower sugar options of Nutella and Dulce de leche-flavored spread, although the big difference with its latest innovation is that it is packed full of protein, not just low in sugar.

To give it that extra high amount of protein, Mrs. Taste has infused its newest functional product with high-quality whey, and again, kept the sugar nice and low, and spun it together in two mouthwatering flavors with Dulce de leche, based on the classic dessert of the same name, and Cookies and Cream. The functional food company has unveiled the items and is currently working its way to get them to shelves shortly to join its many other better-for-you creations, including sauces, syrups, and dressings.