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Myprotein and KSI’s YouTube group Sideman make a Cola Bottle flavor of Clear Whey Protein

Myprotein X Sideman Cola Clear Whey

Myprotein is no stranger to collaborations, in fact, collectively, it’s probably done more than most others in the world of health and nutrition supplements. That’s counting the many different special edition partnerships it’s put out, with products produced with foods, films, establishments, ambassadors, and so much more. Its latest collaborative effort sees it get together with the YouTube group Sidemen, made up of several notable creators like Ethan Payne, Vikkstar, and none other than Prime partner KSI.

Myprotein and Sidemen have spun up a special edition flavor of the supplement company’s top-selling clear-style protein powder, Clear Whey Protein, and while the taste is fitting for the format and type, it’s not the usual fruity, refreshing experience of the protein subcategory. The product pairs the clean and nutritious macros of Clear Whey Protein with the classic candy taste, Cola Bottle, and while it’s not available yet over at, be sure to get in when it drops, as it is a limited launch.