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Podium goes all out for this year’s limited edition series of flavors for summer

Podium Summer Series For 2024

Around the sunny summer season for the last couple of years, premium sports nutrition brand Podium has come out with special edition flavors of some of its most popular supplements, where last year we got the Orange Dreamsicle-inspired Orange Dream Pop for Hydro & Salt and the pre-workout Fuse. The brand is back doing it all again this year, although this time around, it is going all out, putting together a whole host of limited-time tastes for a larger variety of products, all in alternative label designs.

For 2024, Podium Nutrition has produced what it is officially calling its Summer Series, and this time around it involves a variety of flavors and five separate supplements. The products included in the brand’s latest seasonal collection are Sour Green Apple for the cost-effective Athlete Pre-Workout and Rocket Ice Pop for Hydro+Salt. Then, for the more dedicated hydration supplement Salt+Electrolytes there is Fruit Punch and Lemonade Iced Tea, and a Caramel Apple flavor of Podium’s whey protein powder.

You can get a glimpse at each of the products in Podium Nutrition’s limited edition Summer Series in the image above, showing off the vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching labels that have been put on each of the items. They are all officially going live at tomorrow, at each supplement’s respective price, such as Athlete Pre-Workout’s $39.99 and $24.99 for the 15-serving whey protein powder.