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Premier Protein adds a pancake mix but it’s not as lean as its premade pancakes

Premier Protein Pancake And Waffle Mix

Premier Protein surprised fans as well as us here at Stack3d a year or so ago, launching protein-packed pancakes, although, unlike most functional companies that come out with this sort of item, they were pre-made and ready-to-eat, not a bulk bottle of powder to make pancakes. The soft and fluffy Protein Pancakes have a respectable 15g of protein per piece, but that is now no longer the only pancake offering the brand has available, as it’s just introduced the item we originally expected.

Expanding Premier Protein’s selection of products specifically for that breakfast window this week is Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix. It is indeed a classic powder supplement that you simply add water to turn into pancake batter that can be thrown on the frying pan or into the waffle maker, like any ordinary pancake or waffle batter. Interestingly the macros on the powder mix alternative are not as lean as the ready-to-eat pancakes from last year, being much higher in the area of carbohydrates.

Premier Protein’s Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix has that same 15g of protein per 65g serving of the powder alongside 38 to 39g of carbohydrates, 6 to 7g of that sugar, 2g of fat, and 240 calories. Comparatively, the premade Protein Pancakes have 15g of protein to 27g of carbohydrates and 210 calories. That is still not as lean protein-to-calorie ratio wise as a protein powder or protein bar, but it is lower than the Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix, which we would expect to be the leaner one.

The all-new Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix from Premier Protein is rolling out across the country later this summer season, and there will be two flavors to choose from in Original and a classic Buttermilk, both providing around the same macros mentioned, with just one gram of extra sugar in the Buttermilk.

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