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Quamtrax covers Oreo-like cookies in milk and white chocolate with 6g of protein a piece

Quamtrax Protein Booms

Quamtrax Nutrition in Spain recently released an intriguing new product in Protein Palmiers, taking the classic French pastry treat, palmiers, also known as palm heart due to their heart shape, covering them in delicious chocolate and infusing it all with extra protein. The busy brand that dabbles in the world of functional food as often as it does sports nutrition supplements has another protein snack to share this month in the more familiar Protein Booms.

We say Protein Booms from Quamtrax Nutrition is a familiar product as its format is something internationally known and popular with sandwich cookies, similar to the iconic Oreo. The health and nutrition company has produced bite-sized Oreo-like sandwich cookies, added a bit of protein, and covered them in milk or white chocolate. In marketing material, they appear to be damn delicious, with three mouthwatering bite-sized pieces per pack.

The nutrition profile of Quamtrax Nutrition’s Protein Booms packs 17.8g of protein from three chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, an incredible 2 to 2.7g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar, 15.5g of fat, and 242 calories. Considering the tasty format, the Spanish brand has not disappointed with macros, and are now making their way out into the market across the continent of Europe individually and in boxes of ten, again, in Milk and White Chocolate flavors.

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