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Prime puts together two special edition flavors exclusive to its Prime X treasure hunt

Signature Serum Glitch Elixir Prime Hydration Drink

Prime X has officially launched, after becoming available in various locations across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, the all-new Strawberry Lemonade flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink and its million-dollar cash prize giveaway, have been announced. If you’re a fan of the beverage but don’t necessarily want to hunt down each of the 12 map pieces to be in to win that grand prize, you may still want to grab a few bottles as there is a reward everyone can get that might be of interest to you.

Included in the whole Prime X campaign is a code redemption system, and we’re not talking about the building of your virtual map from the 12-digit codes under the caps. When you redeem those caps through, each bottle will earn you a specific number of points that can then be exchanged for exclusive prizes. That includes tees, a hat, Prime X branded airpods, and two all-new special edition flavors of the Prime Hydration Drink in Signature Serum and Glitch Elixir.

As far as we know both the Signature Serum and Glitch Elixir Prime Hydration Drinks will not be available any other way than redeeming through the Prime X sweepstakes. Again, the number of points you get from each bottle cap code submitted does vary, so you will need to collect several to save up for these. Glitch Elixir is the lesser of the two as that costs 50 points while Signature Serum is more than double at 125, and rightfully so, as each bottle is personally signed by Logan Paul and KSI.