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The Gym Kitchen makes a pot of noodles that’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein

The Gym Kitchen Protein Noodles

The Gym Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like; a gym mindset in the kitchen. The UK company makes a variety of delicious, nutritious, and convenient meals and foods, such as Chilled Chicken Wraps, Chicken Bites with complementing dipping sauces, and protein-packed Yogurt in dessert-like flavors such as Salted Caramel, Banoffee Pie, and Cherry Bakewell. The Gym Kitchen has expanded its selection this month with another self-explanatory item in High Protein Noodles.

The latest innovation out of the creative The Gym Kitchen is a pot of noodles, although, like the rest of the range, they’re high in protein and better for you, with the noodles being made of wheat flour, pea protein, and potato starch. The ingredients give the product a much better nutrition profile compared to a traditional pot of noodles with 22 to 25g of protein, 19 to 21g of carbohydrates, 1.4 to 2.5g of that sugar, around 12g of fat, and a lean meal-level of calories at 286 to 288.

There are two flavors to choose from for the new better-for-you food from The Gym Kitchen; both of them are fairly typical for those familiar with noodles in Original Curry and Chicken & Mushroom, the latter being the leaner way to go with 25g of protein and 288 calories. The UK functional food creator has made it easy to get your hands on its high protein noodles, as you can find them at the supermarket giant ASDA, which has close to 1,000 locations throughout the country.