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Bombbar’s decadent protein cookie puts cherry in gooey caramel for its second-ever flavor

Bombbar Cherry Caramel Snaqer Cookie

Bombbar is another snacking powerhouse from Europe, specifically Russia, that has proven over the last few years it has very little competition when it comes to innovation and creativity in the world of functional food. The brand has come out with more unique products centered around better-for-you macros, high-protein, or supremely low carbohydrates and sugar than almost anyone else in the world, which has led it to win our Functional Brand Of The Year three times.

Bombbar has been a little quiet as of late, but that changed this year with the reveal and release of another item under its Snaq Fabriq brand, which focuses more on low sugar and simply being better for you than a lot of protein. One of the Russian brand’s most recent efforts is Snaqer Cookie, a mouthwatering dessert cookie or biscuit where you get a solid crumbly base, a gooey caramel filling with peanuts or cherries sprinkled throughout, and all wrapped in decadent milk chocolate.

Snaqer Cookie is indeed a spin-off of the previously released, Snickers-like bar, Snaqer, packing a moderate amount of protein. That approach is much the same in the circular cookie spin-off, with around 7g of protein, 6 to 8g of carbohydrates, and 139 to 155 calories. Bombbar did bring the product to market a little while back in a Peanut Raisins Caramel flavor, which has just been joined by a second option in Cherry Caramel, blending caramel saltiness with the familiar sweetness of cherry.