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Ekkovision stacks 1.5g of combined electrolytes per serving in its upcoming capsule product

Ekkovision Electrolytes Capsules

Ekkovision already has supplements that support hydration and performance in some way, shape, or form, and that includes a dedicated electrolyte product named Ekkolyte, featuring a respectable total amount of electrolytes going well over a gram. To make the entry even more competitive, the supplement is filled with quality sources, including Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, Himalayan pink salt, and CocOrganic coconut water, plus the superfood blend Spectra.

This week Ekkovision has announced another dedicated electrolyte-based hydration product aptly named Electrolytes, although the catch with this one is that it is in capsule format. Almost every new entry in the hydration category has been in flavored powder or beverage, but we have seen a couple put into pills. Electrolytes from Ekkovision may come in small and compact capsules; however, as with any of the brand’s products, it is not cutting consumers short in any area.

Ekkovision Electrolytes Label

Ekkovision’s Electrolytes pills have squeezed in an impressive amount of electrolytes per serving, at a total of 1.5g, and like Ekkolyte, that’s not from standard everyday sources, it includes premium Aquamin marine-source minerals again, Himalayan pink salt, and Albion chelated minerals. Plain and simple, the supplement is a well-dosed, reliable hydration formula that has as much, if not more, electrolytes than your average powder product or beverage, and that’s taking into account quality sports nutrition brands.

Electrolytes is coming to market shortly through Ekkovision’s exclusive online store, and it will be interesting to see the price of this. Capsule supplements and alternatives don’t tend to be as cost-effective as powder products, although in this case, the brand has simplified the formula compared to its original hydration effort, Ekkolyte. At Electrolytes’ full five-capsule serving, you get a solid 60 servings per bottle, giving you plenty of room to scale up or down for more effectiveness or value.