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Protein Cake maker Fit Kit releases a light 26-calorie jelly-like snack bar

Fit Kit Jelly Bar

Fit Kit is another creative functional food company out of Russia that started its reputation and journey in the industry with the delicious Protein Cake. It is a combination of a crumbly base layer that breaks down like a cookie, atop that is a soft and fluffy marshmallow-like main body, and it’s all wrapped in chocolate. The experience is incredibly unique and enjoyable, although some of the flavors are a bit off; either way, Fit Kit is back in the news this week due to another functional innovation.

Protein Cake creator Fit Kit has introduced the Jelly Bar, and it is very much what it sounds like. The product is not protein-packed like the functional food specialist’s signature snack; it is purely about offering something easy and enjoyable to eat, with a smooth jelly consistency that your teeth sink right through. Fit Kit’s Jelly Bar is made with cherry puree, isomaltulose, and the lower-calorie sugar alternative allulose, providing just 9g of carbohydrates and a calorie count of 26.

As mentioned, the newly released Jelly Bar is made primarily with cherry puree, ensuring that jelly consistency and, of course, a sweet cherry taste, which is currently the only option you can purchase the product in. We imagine if the Jelly Bar proves popular and successful, Fit Kit will add other options, as we’ve seen it do with most of its snacks and treats, especially Protein Cake, and you can grab it directly from the brand’s online store at just 672 ₽ (7.64 USD) for a box of 12.

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