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Miss Carriejune and MiniBeast spark responses with promotion of their “game-changing” creatine

Miss Carriejune Minibeast Creatine Call Out Drama

MiniBeast is a supplement company from longtime fitness influencer Carriejune Anne Bowlby, better known by her social media handle Miss Carriejune. You may have come across her recently on your preferred social platform despite not being a follower, as she has popped up in numerous responses or reels recently from many major individuals due to a short clip she’s put out. It centers around the promotion of Miss Carriejune’s MiniBeast Creatine Plus and some of the things that are said.

You can see the video for yourself here, shared a couple of days ago, where Miss Carriejune talks about the benefits of MiniBeast Creatine Plus but puts down standard creatine before getting into it. Creatine monohydrate is one of the sports nutrition industry’s most studied, proven, and reliable ingredients, and it is incredibly effective at supporting muscle strength, performance, and power. We’ve used plenty of different creatines on the market, arguably all of them, and still utilize creatine monohydrate when strength is the goal as others never proved to be more or even as effective, plus they don’t come close on price.

The video from Miss Carriejune and MiniBeast opens by saying, “please stop taking creatine”, “if your goal is to build muscle, you’re not doing it right.” The trouble is, with that as the first words you hear, someone talking down on, again, one of the most studied, reliable, and respected ingredients in sports nutrition, it’s difficult to be open to what comes next. There are other topics touched, like “nasty side effects”, none of which we’ve ever experienced personally, but then you get to the sales pitch of the MiniBeast Creatine Plus.

Ekkovision Creatine

Miss Carriejune says that she and her brand MiniBeast have changed the game with Creatine Plus, although the supplement is entirely based around an ingredient that was brought to market more than two decades ago in Kre-Alkalyn pH-correct creatine monohydrate. The ingredient sets itself apart by being more pH-stable, preventing conversation into creatinine when mixed with solution. It is also said to not cause any bloating, doesn’t require any loading, and can be consumed at a light dose of 1.5 to 3g.

Again, we have used virtually every creatine, including Kre-Alkalyn, and didn’t find the experience or effects any different from traditional creatine monohydrate. The price is also drastically higher, with a bottle of MiniBeast Creatine Plus is $48 for 50 servings, then jump on over to Ekkovision, and you’ll pay $26.99 for 200 servings, working out to be a huge seven times more expensive per serving.

With creatine monohydrate in the crosshairs, the words “game changer” in the conversation, and a sales pitch for an alternative creatine supplement, you can imagine the commotion Miss Carriejune’s video has created. The comments section is flooded with people calling it out, asking for references, and, as you’d expect with lines like “please stop taking creatine” and “you’re not doing it right.” Basically, if you see the situation on social media, this is why, and there are already many respectable responses, including one from the great team at The Nutrition Store.

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