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Myprotein and Marvel team up once again for a Chocolate Peanut Pretzel flavor of its signature protein

Myprotein X Marvel Impact Whey Protein

The international giant that is Myprotein is one of the few brands in the sports nutrition industry that has done a massive amount of authentic collaborations, partnering with brands, foods, characters, films, and more for special edition flavors of some of its most popular supplements. The company just did a specialized series of products with and for the sport and brand Hyrox, and a month or so before that, Myprotein got together with Marvel for a collection of superhero-themed protein powders.

Following on from that Marvel collaboration, consisting of Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther flavors of Clear Whey Protein, Myprotein has teamed up with the comic book behemoth once again for another special edition flavor of protein powder. This time around, the product is not based on any specific superhero; it is about Marvel in general, and it is not for Clear Whey Protein; it is a new flavor of the more traditional Impact Whey Protein in a delicious Chocolate Peanut Pretzel.

This is for Myprotein’s primary online store at, not the dedicated US website at, and it is in stock there beginning this week at a very reasonable price. The regular cost of Marvel’s Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Impact Whey Protein is £27.99, although, at the moment, it is discounted to £20.99 (26.85 USD) for a 625g bottle of about 21 servings with 19g of protein in each.

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