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ProBrands adds a softer protein bar to its arsenal of delicious functional foods

Probrands Soft Bar

ProBrands has gone the way of functional powerhouse and protein snacking king Barebells and created a protein bar that is a bit softer and smoother in texture and consistency. The brand, which can be found all throughout its home country of Sweden, has put together the self-explanatory ProBrands Soft Bar. It promises an experience that is much easier to bite through and enjoy, although without any sacrifice on taste or the typical nutrition profile you get in a protein bar.

The Soft Bar from ProBrands isn’t overly large, tipping the scales at 40g a piece and providing 11g of protein and while that may not sound like a lot, if you scale it up to the more common size of a protein bar at 60g, that balance works out to 16.5g of protein. The other macros aren’t too bad, with the carbohydrates coming in at 14g, the sugar almost into the milligrams at 1.1g, the fat falling in at 6.4g, and the calories keeping the balance lean and respectable at 146.

Four flavors have been previewed of the ProBrands Soft Bar, all of them sounding delicious, in Salty Toffee, Choconana, Creamy Coco, and an all-out chocolate lover’s experience, in Chocolicious. The soft and smooth protein snack is said to be making its way out to ProBrands stores and stockists in Sweden as well as other countries it distributes to, starting this month. It’s a great alternative to the bars already on the market from the functional food company, which are certainly on the thicker, denser, and chewier side of things, making the Soft Bar a nice change of pace.

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