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ProPud is going on a tour of Sweden and is sampling its innovative new protein soft serve

Propud Protein Ice Cream Tour

NJIE’s better-for-you food and protein-snacking brand ProPud, extensively and conveniently available all throughout Sweden, is about to undergo a tour that’ll make consuming protein a whole lot tastier, creamier, and a little bit more enjoyable. The brand has set out a plan to visit multiple locations over the next few weeks for several specific events, including today’s Color Obstacle Rush in Gothenburg, Hermanövarvet⁠ in Hermanö end of next month, and the Stockholm half marathon early September.

ProPud is going to be waving its flag and will have a strong presence at the eight different stops it has planned across Sweden from this weekend to the start of September, and it is going to be offering anyone who stops by an intriguing treat. The brand has transformed its signature and incredibly delicious protein shake into pots of equally protein-packed soft serve or ice cream, and like the beverage, it has reasonable carbohydrates and fat, and the sugar is extremely low, with none of it being added sugar.

You can see the complete list of events and locations ProPud and its protein ice cream will be present on its website, and we have to imagine, if all goes well, this won’t be the last time we see or hear of the product, and potentially more flavors, as the first time around it will be available in a lone vanilla option.

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