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Germany’s Rocka Nutrition previews its colorful and more direct rebrand

Rocka Nutrition New Look For 2024

Rocka Nutrition in Germany was first known for its bright and bold, pink-powered branding, although in more recent years, it transitioned into a bit of pink alongside colors and themes specific to each individual product or flavor. Here in the middle of 2024, Rocka is getting another makeover, and it looks to be a prominent one where it is getting away from its logo and layout of information but maintaining its strong representation of the taste each item targets in the flavor callout.

Rocka Nutrition is shifting to a soft gradient or split color design, at least based on the preview it has shared with the world for the first three products to feature the rebrand in Vanilla Strawberry Cream and Banana Chocolate Split Rocka Protein Shake, and the Vanilla Almond Cake Flavor Powder. The few details the German brand includes on the face of its updated items come across clearer, putting most of the focus on the brand name, product title, category, and flavor.

The eye-catching new look and feel of Rocka Nutrition is officially launching and coming to market tomorrow morning local time through The long-running brand is, again, only showing off its rebrand on three products, all of which are limited, and it is those that appear to be going live and becoming available tomorrow morning. The design will eventually be spread across the rest of the Rocka family, with undoubtedly more surprises and innovation up its sleeve.

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