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Unstoppable set to shake things up, four pre-workouts keeping their top 10 positions

Sep 23, 2014 | Dedicated

While we don’t always like building things up, especially when it’s something direct from us. The arrival of Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable placing is going to shake things up, and well worth getting excited about. For those that missed the review of the pre-workout last week, it is not to be missed. We did our best to describe the supplement, and communicate just how good of an all round formula Unstoppable is, delivering every effect you’d hope for in a pre-workout. Seeing as we’ve already got enough people correct in our position guessing giveaway, today we’re going to drop a few clues for everyone. Basically one product is obviously going to be knocked out of our top 10, and four are going to stay in the same place. The main reason there is going to be a lot of shuffling around is due to the fact that we have retested and reevaluated the whole bunch. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our big announcement, and regardless of the outcome we will be giving away samples of Dedicated’s Unstoppable.

Guess the placing it will take and win, Dedicated Unstoppable prize packs up for grabs

Sep 18, 2014 | Dedicated

Yesterday after weeks and weeks of testing out Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout Unstoppable, we finally put together our review of the extremely impressive product. In case you missed it, we basically confirmed the supplement as a top of the line all-rounder, highlighting it’s incredible energy and intensity, pinch of focus and unbeatable pump. The combination makes Unstoppable one of the best pre-workouts we’ve ever come across, so of course it’s going into our top ten. The big question however is where is it going to place on our already packed out list. While we aren’t unfortunately going to be doing any shuffling around until sometime next week, we are taking guesses as to where you think the product will land in the top ten. You can submit your one guess on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ by simply commenting or replying on our page post. The first three people to guess it’s position correctly will win an Unstoppable prize pack, featuring samples of the pre-workout and possibly other goodies. We will confirm the winners next week when we move the Dedicated supplement into our top 10, as well as do a few more giveaways.

Unstoppable performs exactly as it’s titled, Dedicated pre-workout one of the best ever

Sep 17, 2014 | Dedicated

Every now and then a supplement comes along that performs a whole lot better than expected. We’ve seen it before on a number of occasions, which is why these days we never judge a book by it’s cover. You can always gauge whether or not it’s a good investment, but only after you use the product will you know how good or bad it really is. The supplement we’re talking about this time around is Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout Unstoppable. It is a European sold product produced in Canada, and at the moment not available in the US. While it was a mission to get our hands on enough of the supplement to gather a fair amount of feedback. We have finally finished our tub of Unstoppable giving us a lot more experience than necessary to bring you today’s extremely exciting review.



Soon to be top 3 pre gets a second, Dedicated announce mango strawberry Unstoppable

Sep 11, 2014 | Dedicated

We are planning to put together and post our highly anticipated Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable review next week, one that will as mentioned on SnapChat, put the supplement in to our top three. As the anticipation continues to grow the brand have actually confirmed a second flavor for what is a product that everyone needs to try. At the moment Unstoppable is available in just the one taste orange, which without giving anything away in terms of performance, reinforces the theory the worse a pre-workout tastes the better it is. While flavoring isn’t something we care about if a supplement gets the job done, Dedicated have revealed a recipe that at least sounds a lot better with mango strawberry. For now the variant is only being teased as coming soon, although when it does arrive fans will finally have the choice of two tastes for Unstoppable, doubling it’s current menu.

Reformulations coming with label makeover, Dedicated confirm new look for entire range

Aug 26, 2014 | Dedicated

While Dedicated Nutrition may be relatively new to us, and possibly a lot of our readers, the brand have been around long enough for fans to get used to their look. Today Dedicated have confirmed that they are going to mix things up, with a makeover in the works and set to give all seven of their supplements a new theme. At the moment Unstoppable, BCAA Sensation, Fusion Pro, Epic, Vaso Grow, Dominate and Pack all share the same teal and goldish yellow label, one that is soon to be replaced with an unknown design. Dedicated unfortunately haven’t released an image of what their products are going to look like with their updated theme. They have however said the reason behind the extra effort is because they are currently reformulating a number of their supplements, so an equally up-to-date look is more than fitting. If you are a Dedicated fan you can continue to head to the teal and gold shelves of your local stockist to pick up your favorite products. But sometime over the next couple of months you will need to get familiar with the brand’s new, yet to be revealed labels.

Up and coming Dedicated tease reformulation, BCAA Sensation getting more than a new menu

Aug 19, 2014 | Dedicated

While a lot of our attention has been going to Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout supplement Unstoppable. The brand do in fact of other products, one of which we have been able to try, BCAA Sensation. We will of course be reviewing it eventually when we get another sample or two, however as it turns out we may need to hold off for a bit. Dedicated have confirmed, that they are actually in the middle of reformulating their essential supplement. According to the brand they are going to double the amount BCAAs, as well as throw in some exclusive Dedicated ingredients to help increase performance in the gym. Being the top brand that they are, Dedicated’s efforts don’t end there as they are also promising a revamped menu. The tastes being teased for the update are exotic fruit, mango peach and strawberry kiwi orange. One of which can already be found in BCAA Sensation’s current four piece menu, with the others all original. Dedicated are only promising their new formula as coming soon, but with the update in it’s final stages it can’t be too far away.


Unstoppable four years in the making, story behind Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout

Aug 18, 2014 | Dedicated
dedicated nutrition

After a week of exciting first runs, incredible experiences and a lot of interested fans in Dedicated’s Unstoppable. Today we have got a little more information for everyone on the supplement, that we will have a top five review out on very soon. A lot of people have been asking about it’s background and contents, so we got a bit of a story straight from the brand about the very powerful product. Apparently Unstoppable has been in the works for around four years, which in that time Dedicated did more than their share of planning and research. Eventually coming up with a set of compounds and doses that work so well together, that if one were removed the brand say it would be an entirely different experience. As for the other thing a lot of people have been asking about, below we have uploaded Unstoppable’s facts panel. It is transparently dosed, just like every other one of Dedicated’s supplements, with the brand showing they have nothing to hide. At the moment our review is still in the works, but as mentioned before, but we are trying to organize giveaways for when it is posted. As currently Dedicated and Unstoppable are really only available in Europe.


Europe’s Dedicated Nutrition set to take over, Unstoppable already guaranteed a top five spot

Aug 15, 2014 | Dedicated

A couple of days ago we seemed to have caused quite the stir with our suggestive social post about a particular pre-workout. The supplement we talked about possibly being our new #1 was Dedicated Nutrition’s appropriately titled Unstoppable. There are very few times we post or talk about a product while it’s being reviewed, this one however definitely deserves the hype and attention. As it stands right now with enough experience using the supplement, and basically just a few extra opinions to come, we can tell you Unstoppable is going to be in our top five. Furthermore, our review of the product isn’t too far away and we are trying to organize a giveaway to go with that review, as at the moment Dedicated can only be found in Europe. Usually a line or formula coming out of that area we don’t expect to perform overly well. Which is probably why we are so blown away with Unstoppable. We initially went in expecting nothing and came out with one of the best pre-workout experiences ever. For more information on the up and coming brand, check out their website at, with distributors and retailers also recommended to check out Dedicated, as they are likely to be picking up and spreading out very soon.

Pre-workout Unstoppable makes it seven, introducing the unique & transparent Dedicated

May 6, 2014 | Dedicated

Today we would like to introduce you to Dedicated Nutrition, a well presented supplement company quickly making a name for themselves throughout Europe. Just recently the brand added to their already well spread product line, with the pre-workout Unstoppable. Dedicated now stand with a total of seven supplements, the other six being the muscle building state extender Vaso Grow, the BCAA, BCAA Sensation. The multi-vitamin formula Pack, testosterone booster Dominate. The protein powder Fusion Pro, and the interesting little product Epic. A unique combination of highlights such as three forms of creatine, beta-alanine and agmatine sulfate, designed to be used like a regular creatine taken twice a day. While Dedicated do appear to be in all the usual categories, the brand have made an effort to separate themselves from the herd by also producing a few unique formulas. It’s that diversity combined with their across the board transparency, that makes it fairly obvious why their are quickly making a name for themselves. If you would like to find out more about Dedicated, check out their website where you can also see exactly what we mean by diversity and transparency.

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