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Betancourt have got something worth a look, every all the good things rolled into one

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D-Stunner was the most recent noise Betancourt had. Now this one has been around a while and definitely deserves a mention here. Coming in the form of a powder tub yet inside 75 capsules to boost your GH. As you know testosterone/recovery supplements are key and hugely respected here. This gives you more then you could ever need. Stand out products like Testrol from GAT, Animal PM and Melatonin driven supps seem to be the inspiration for Endocrine-IGF. Forget T-Up from Nutrex this has all that. This has everything you would need to wake up recovered and yes possibly bigger. In a layout like Animal PM, 4 complexes, HGH and IGF-1 to build muscle and strength during the most important period of recovery. Next up sleep containing Melatonin. The lucky last which might actually not be needed but this gives Betancourt a good angle. Nitrix Oxide. Keep you pumped while you sleep? All this at a price that will widen the eyes. Betancourt have out done themselves with the contents of this powerhouse. Sadly not open for anybody in Australasia, Melatonin and L-Dopa. Look out for a full experience review on this, hopefully soon.

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