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Sequel to the pump supp White Blood, Controlled Labs makes number 2

The first Controlled Lab’s supplement for 2012 is an update on White Flood. Simply named White Flood 2, it has been updated with all the latest and greatest energizing ingredients. Pump products are the most disrespected on the market but people do buy them and Controlled obviously know what is needed to make one work. Here is the brand’s official word.

“White Blood 2 is the most complete stimulant free nitric oxide formula around. It will deliver out of this world pumps, bulging vascularity and cell bursting volumization. The White Blood 2 formula, simultaneously, includes potent anti-oxidants that will help to scavenge potential free radicals elicited by the production of nitric oxide. These two concurrent effects, not only make White Blood 2 the most effective stimulant free nitric oxide product on the market, but also the most healthful.”

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