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Demand Bar strongly discounted to $23.10 a box for its first week on the market

Controlled Labs Launch Deal On Demand Bar

Controlled Labs recently returned to the world of functional food, releasing the nut butter-based Demand Bar pairing a reasonable 16g of protein with as low as 12g of fat, around 24g of carbohydrates, and calories ranging from 230 to 250. This is the first protein snack from the reputable and long-running supplement company since the separately branded Venture Bar from several years ago, which was eventually discontinued.

As is the case with many new products these days, Controlled Labs debuted its high-protein Demand Bar through its own online store at with boxes of 12 at $32.99, or if you just want to sample a few, there is an individual option with single bars at $2.99. The brand is celebrating the official launch of the protein snack this week, where through until Friday, you can get a substantial discount on bulk boxes.

Instead of paying $32.99 for a dozen Demand Bars, for the next few days, fans of Controlled Labs and anyone interested in trying its second effort in the functional food category can grab it for $23.10. That works out to $1.92 a piece, applying to any of the product’s three flavors — Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Smothered Banana, and Chocolate Peanut Cookie Dough — and again, the offer expires this coming Friday, exclusively at