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Aide your muscles restoration, Isatori brings a recovery supplement to the table

Post-workout supplements are looking like the ones to have in 2012. Mutant Rehab, Myobuild and Glycofuse are a few that have already been released. Isatori is another brand that has something to say in that category with Restoraid. The product has a unique anti-DOMs protease enzyme complex and an electrolyte matrix. Two very different blends that would be quite difficult to find in any other post-workout. The final punch is thrown with the 12.5g BCAA ratio, 8:1:1. This rare combination will not rape your wallet either, it is well priced compared to Scivation’s Xtend, BSN’s AminoX or Muscletech’s Nitro Amino. Try not to get put off by the single flavor, citrus punch, when it grows in popularity Isatori will surely add more.

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